CBN Returns after a family Holiday

It is a standard and yearly outing for Chandrababu and family which finished up following a family day out at the Maldives..Not just Chandrababu however his significant other Bhuvaneswari, child Nara Lokesh, daughte-in-law Brahmani and grandson Devansh invested profitable energy in the island.

Typically Naidu went out for excursions with family consistently before New Year and Christmas. Relatives get quality time and Chandrababu appreciated the experiences with his grandson, who was the sweetheart of everybody. For a group of five individuals. Twelve security men are tailing them as Naidu is still in Z class of security risk.

In the past additionally Naidu went out Mauritius and different spots .But at that point, Naidu soul is in state and gathering on a 24×7 premise. He monitored exercises in the nation and state splendidly. He kept an entire output on happenings in state, party, and furthermore nation issues.


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